Five Ways to Calm your Negative Thoughts

If we consider that our world and environment is created from thoughts and beliefs, depending on how satisfied you are with life, then we will know what our thoughts are. Positive…

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Three Ways to Attract More Money Than You Can Imagine

Money wasn't created to stand. It was made to give freshness to life, but it needs to circulate. Otherwise, it's useless. Just a small percentage of the people do that. Are you…

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Mark Rise Poetry Vol.1

Poetry and stories are the best way to express your feelings and represent the emotions that you wont to share with others.

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Messenger Vol.1

From time to time, I write a text with a complete guide of wisdom. I don't ask anything, just pulled with strong energy of the universe. Here, I will share those texts with you.…

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How Vision Works, and Why it is so Important

If you have a landscape in your material world, in your mind, you will find a vision. It's a landscape created by you in your environment.

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3 Hacks To Put Your Phone Addiction Into Good Use

We can often find ourselves scrolling on the phone. If you repeat that process more often, you are probably already addicted to it.

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How Thoughts Create Reality

In your head, you will find the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain. When you think about something, or get information, it's a conscious part of the brain, but if you…

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7 Answers to Unstoppable Creativity

Everything is created twice. First, in our mind, then in the world around us. It's essential to learn how creativity works. Without it, you will be so far from yourself. Through…

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