How To Deal With Haters [ INSTANT ]

There is an obstacle at every beginning, and it should be so. They do you a favor. It's a filter. Because if you are not ready to accept them, it's probably not the way for you. At least not at that moment. But if you're willing to embrace an obstacle and get around it with a smile on your face, then you're on the right track.

Okay, now let's talk a little bit about haters, and all those who hold you back and make it clear that they don't believe in you. So, how to deal with haters? Unfortunately, it's almost always your family or some very close circle of people around you. Now I'll tell you why. You grew up with the same beliefs. Suddenly you mustered the courage to step out and get up. At that moment, you mirror them. They see their failure in your success. And since they are not ready to grow, they do not want you as a mirror next to them. So my advice is to find your space where you will be alone at that point of growth. I'm not saying you leave forever. It can only be for a couple of hours of isolation during the day. Make conditions for yourself to grow. He who has succeeded will never tell you that you cannot because he knows that anything is possible. Others are the ones who haven't even tried. And now that you know that, it doesn't matter what others say.

They are not talking about you but themselves. If they tell you you can't, that actually means I can't. If they tell you you will never succeed, it actually means I will never succeed.

So never get angry because those you love are holding you back. They do it out of fear. Instead, help them overcome that fear. Do you know how to do that? It's very simple. Be an example. When they watch successful public figures, they see only the end. But if they see your success, it means they see both your path at the beginning and the end. And in the end, when you succeed, they mean that they can too because you had the same beginning. Then give them your hand and lift them up. And until then, find your space. It's the same with haters. So don't take it personally. They do this out of fear and personal dissatisfaction.Why would you bother with their failures? You are not responsible for them. So I do two things, And so I successfully ignore haters. The first is a focus. Why bother with a couple of dislikes if there are hundreds of likes. It is impossible for everyone to love you because it's not up to you. No matter how hard you tried. That's why it's only important that you love yourself and keep your focus on yourself. And those who are like you will support you. The other thing is the algorithm. Today, social networks are pushed by the number of communication activities on your profiles. So every comment, whether positive or negative, pushes your profile and makes it popular. So those haters are actually doing you a favor. So always be grateful to them even when they comment negatively.

Keep your focus on your dream and overcome every obstacle with a smile on your face. Let it be your dance. If you don't know how to dance, stay tuned because the best is yet to come. PEACE!

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