7 Ways How to Be A Famous Artist

How to be a famous artist? It's simple. Stick to these seven things and launch yourself like a rocket.


Be the one to copy and not the one that copies others. At first, it's hard because you have to know the technique. And you will learn the technique from artists who have already mastered it and want to share it with you. It is logical that the style of that artist will influence you in the learning process. The beginning of every creator was just like that. My advice is to learn not just from one person, but from a dozen of them. So you will take from everyone only what suits you and build your style. Learning from a lot of people and your progress will be faster.


Don't look for ideas. Wait for an idea. Real inspiration comes from within. I sometimes keep my eyes closed for hours and wait for an idea that will bring a smile to my face. Such ideas inspire you, and they are full of fuel for full realization. Such ideas attract attention, and you will always remember those works. These creations people remember and inspire them to create things. So you will have the


Be present and talk to people. Share a big part of your life with people. Not just your creation. Let them know something about who you are. The environment in which you live, what you love, what moves you, and what makes your day. Allow people to get close to you to be your friends and not just your fans. Talk to them, be kind, and have a love for everyone. Then you will not only be a random artist but a man whom they will know and follow not only because of your work but also because of who you are.


Make the creation of your life. Let your day be art for itself. Divide it in a creative way through photography, illustration, or any art form. Don't revolve art around your life. Revolve your life around art. Then you have no chance of not being original and different from others. Take pictures of your moments, and put them on the story. Sing what bothers you, share happiness through videos, and tell everyone what you want and how you will realize it.


Always be open to try something new, different, and step out of your comfort zone. Let that be normal for you. Make it a part of your daily routine. Always be different and always your own. No matter how many different things you do, each of these works will carry you as the essence, and people will always recognize it. And that's why they'll love you. Be honest with yourself, and satisfy your artistic instinct.


Work a little every day, but it is very important that it's every day. It is enough to set aside only 5 minutes for the next 100 days for a simple sketch, and the progress will be huge. Sketch anything, and if you go to study and watch the tutorial of other artists, you will easily be inspired, and you will always have ideas. That is why every day, a little will be enough.


Don't worry about what others think of your work. It's yours just to let it come out of you. Ideas are like the bloodstream, and your work is like the heart. If you don't pump every day, the blood will stop. The heart works precisely like a clock. And that is why we are alive and breathing. Be consistent while creating, and you will have ideas in abundance. It will always circulate through your daily routine. The creations will be better and better and more yours. And people will recognize and support it.

If you want to be better,stay tuned because the best is yet to come. PEACE!

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