When Depression Hits and How it Affects You

Depression is one of the most common reasons why you don't live a life that you deserve. You are born to express yourself, to live full potential, and to make fun. But somethings you pick up other directions and then engulfed by feelings such as fear, sadness or depression.

Such feelings are just signs by the side of the road. So, when you feel the emotion of the fear, it means “Get back to the right path”. Usually, you don't do that, and that emotion becomes bigger and even stronger with time. Plus, you will get a bunch of different emotions from that field. If you choose to stay there, you will go directly to the stage of depression. Having depressions means that now you are in the row and waiting for end of your life. And this is the reason why most of the depressed people usually want to take their own life. It's wrong. Depression wants to transfer you from your wrong way to way of success, full potential, and purpose. You need to recognize that!

A New Beginning.

If you are in the state of the depression, don't think about your end. Think about your new beginning. It is an opportunity to end your old life and start a new life. This is the time! First, listen to your emotions. What makes you scared? Change that. And what makes you sad? Do something about that. Maybe you can clear your mind through meditation, and make space for new and positive thoughts. Perhaps you need to change your environment and avoid people from your past. Listen to your emotions and think positively. When you feel the excitement, it is a ticket for your new life. It can be hard because you are installed with so many bad things from the past. And this could even make the situation so hard to change it. But you can do it. You can simply start with “baby steps”; one step at a time. Just start now and move on. If a new thing is bad for you, change it again, when you find the right one, stop there. Hug it and love it. At that point, you just started to move from the state of depression to a new and peaceful life. Then, keep that beautiful thing in your life, and try to find one more from a different area of your life. Whatever you decided to try, make a calm environment for that. It is ok if you need time for this. You will need some time to go from your peaceful environment to the stage of depression. It is the same when you go from the stage of depression to a peaceful environment. So, change your environment and pay attention to breathing. When you find it, love it and enjoy it.

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