Power of Affirmation Created with One Word

Affirmations are a powerful tool that can help you change the course of your life completely. They can change your beliefs, and with it, the quality of your life too.

 A better life means fewer problems. 

My recommendation is to use 10-30 minutes for the affirmations every morning. Come up with affirmations for the part of your life that you want to improve on. After the spoken affirmations, you will feel great relief. Your vibration will start rising, and eventually, everything will be just right. But, during the day, you might face a situation that might probably ruin your moods. Good affirmations can fix it. But usually, at that moment you probably won’t have time for them.

 Here is the trick. 

During the morning ritual, when you say all the affirmations, always say: When I say the word “your word here” it will activate all emotions which I feel right now, and raise my mood and vibrations instantly. During a day, if you are witnessing the unwanted situation I pointed out earlier, say your magic word, and it will level up your mood for a couple of levels instantly. My word is “AMAN”. In my vocabulary, it is a non-existent word, as I created it. The “AMAN” word has a special meaning to me. You can choose a word which you use all the time as well. That can be a great way to improve on your moods a couple of times, whenever you speak out that word. This is the powerful shortcut, but if you use the full potential of it, don’t miss out on morning affirmations. If a situation during the day is so bad, repeat your magic word, like a mantra.

Good life and good moods are like hygiene. Daily upkeep of spirituality is required. Be consistent and

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