How Fear Works and How to Overcome It in 2 Steps

Being happy means that you are in the present moment, and feel it through love, belief, and goodness. When you feel fear, you are in the past or future. From the past, you have awakened undesirable situations, and you don't want to repeat them, or in the future, you imagine a situation that you don't want to experience; and that creates fear in you.

The only way to overcome it to ensure you focus on the present moment. The only way to do that is by accepting the current situation completely. Eventually, the situation will become clear. At that moment, you will start to look at it with the emotion of peace, and you will be in control of your fears. Fear tries to alarm all your systems with the worst-case scenario. It is a survival instinct, and it means you can only run, or attack! The fact that you accepted the situation means that you decided to stay, overcome the fear and control the situation. When you overcome the situation, you will make high vibration decisions, and that will attract a new situation with high vibration mood as well. If you stay in the mode of fear, you will attract more fear and panic. So, make sure that you shift yourself in the present moment when you feel fear. Here, I will share two ways for that.

 First: Pay attention to breathing. 

When you pay attention to breathing, you will relax your body with ease, and the dose of fear will be less. It means that you will overcome it easily.

 Second: Look fear at the eyes. 

When you look fear at the eyes, you will awaken the emotion of courage. The emotion of courage is the feeling of high vibration, and happiness always comes with courage.  It is important not to mix courage with the desire to attack. Courage is nothing but listening to your wisdom intend fear.

In both situations, it is important to be at peace. Also, don't simply wait to feel fear and then practice your courage. It will be easier to start now.  So, practice meditation and learn how to go deep into yourself. It will be easy to overcome fear when it comes time for that. Peace

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