Why focus is important?

Everything that we do needs to be in harmony with nature. Nature is spontaneous, playful, sometimes calm, sometimes wild, but very consistent and focused. That focus keeps the balance of everything.

Imagine if nature changed the seasons randomly. What if a river never reaches the ocean or days and nights interchanged after every minute?  It would be chaos. Unless you focus, your life will be in the same chaos. It needs to be playful and spontaneous, but bring the river to the ocean. Never end your story before you finish it. Only then will everything be with a purpose.

 How to train focus 

Negative thoughts and fear may disrupt your focus. These two create disbalance and disruptive focus.  Exercise 1  Find a small dot on the wall or wherever you are, and hold focus on it, as much as you can. You'll notice that your thoughts at that moment will be bigger and lauder. It is actually good because it will be easier to turn off the distractive thoughts and stay focused. Repeat this exercise every day, and your focus will improve over time. When you look at children while playing, even if you don't play with them, eventually, you will become part of that game. In the same way, if you practice your focus while looking at a leaf, you will feel how you will slowly become part of nature. This will help you with the focus and give you power and strang at the same time.  Exercise 2  Create a plan for a specified time of the day. Create a plan. You don't have to be too much detailed. For instance, you can create a task to perform every day next week. You will know that you will do some writing that day, for example, but what you will write, leave for that day. This will help you to be focused and be playful and spontaneous at the same time. In that way, you will be in harmony with nature.

Focus is essential and can be very inspirational as well. So keep your focus, and don't forget to enjoy the journey. This way, you will go so far. Just do it, and you will be proud of yourself.

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