Goal Setting: Ego vs. Intuition

Everything is created by energy, in which, with time, it becomes a material. Depending on what you want to create; you will need a certain amount of that force. It is essential to note that you are already in the middle of the infinity power of energy. This means that you can create whatever you want, within the least time possible.

That energy is fueled by faith, love, happiness, gratefulness, and peace. The more you feel this emotion, the higher the energy flow. The goals of the ego usually move emotions of the fear, and proving yourself to others. These emotions alter with the source energy and eventually bar you from being what you want. As a result, you will need a huge effort to achieve a goal of the ego. And that goal of the ego will be met at the moment when the resistance is released. In other words, when you go outside of the goal of the ego. The goal of the intuition or spirit has a completely different nature. It works with a fuel of all those positive emotions (faith, love, happiness, gratefulness, and peace). And your journey through that goal will be joyful as well. Due to this, it easier for you to achieve a goal of intuition than that of ego, unless the ego locks it in that process. Whenever you do something that you got from the intuition, the results are great.

 How to achieve great results with the goals of the intuitions? 

In the ocean of energy, you will find all the answers, even those who are not familiar with the mind of man so far. There are such answers. Only if you are in balance with the source, those answers will be available to you. Imagine what you can achieve and do with all those undiscovered ideas. At the moment when the goal of the intuition starts with the momentum of the positive emotions, ego always wants to bring fear into that. This is what blocks you from attaining great results. As a result, it is important to believe in your intuition and learn how to listen to your inner voice.

Try to be as much as you can in peace, believe in yourself, and achieve your goals in accordance with intuition. And miracles will happen.

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