Five Ways to Calm your Negative Thoughts

If we consider that our world and environment is created from thoughts and beliefs, depending on how satisfied you are with life, then we will know what our thoughts are. Positive or negative. If you think that your negative thoughts will destroy your brain, health, and life, here are five ways you can put in practice to calm your negative thoughts. Bring the air into your mind and make your world peaceful.

It's challenging to be positive immediately at the start, especially if you already have a mess on your head. But first, you can stop that negative momentum of the thoughts and then slowly pull your mode into positive.

 Look outside through a window 

Meditation is a state of no thought. It is not so easy to achieve that on the start, but you will find a lot of simple moments in your life, which are actually meditation. One of those things is watching through a window. This will low down your process of thinking and put you in the role of an observer. Observing the world from the other side of the glass is the beginning of meditation. You will feel relief and condition without a lot of negative thoughts, right away. That emotion, you can level up easily with positive conclusions about what you are observing. Be aware of all those small details, movements, and life. Watch that picture with love and gratitude. Soon, you will find thousands of reasons why you can be happy and positive. This method will help you to see yourself as a part of that beautiful picture and get your connection with the whole world. As for me, it is the most important thing to be and stay with positive thoughts.

 Positive writing 

If you want to be a wizard and bring the magic into your life, you don't need a magic wand. It will be perfectly fine to use a half of hour at the beginning of the day and start to create magic. First, create a list of things that you want to improve on your life. And everything can be improved. Secondly, for each of those segments, write a couple of positive sentences. It needs to be from a positive future on the way you want to live. But, it needs to be like you already live that kind of life.



My world is full of peace and love. I love and accept myself and all the people around me. Every day I witness a tremendous amount of love and feel loved. (It will be better if you use specific names, details and paint your obstacles with positive thoughts and words. )


My thoughts are full of peace. I am peaceful, and I can do everything that I want at my own pace, with peace and positive thoughts. I am a master of positive thoughts, and my life is so positive because of that. I am always in a mode of positive thinking, and I love my life.

 Observe thoughts from a distance 

The reason why negative thoughts create thoughts emotions are not thoughts, but identifying yourself with these thoughts. It is not a problem if you hear something about bad politics in your country. But, you will probably put yourself in that story. You are afraid to lose your job, lose your money, be hungry, and lose your health and life at the end. Those thoughts will create fear, negative emotions, and stress. And it is perilous if you put such emotions into your subconscious. Your life can become very stressful. It is totally fine to hear something negative or get a negative thought into your mind, but you need to decide on what you will do with it. So stop your negative thinking at the start, before you start with a momentum of the negative thoughts. This method can be beneficial. Look at your thought like a boat you see far in the horizons, while you are sitting on the beach. ( Imagine that in your head. ) The boat will come and go. You can see it, but you have nothing to do with it. It is not part of your life. You need to do that with negative thoughts as well. Just let it go.


Each of the thoughts has a different vibration. Your life attracts what you show to the universe. It is the way how you will show to the universe what it needs to attract into your life. It can be positive and negative at the same time, and that is why every song has a different vibration. The best way on how you can block negative thoughts is by listening to music with positive vibrations. Your vibration of the thoughts will slowly become positive, and your thoughts will become positive as well. Solfeggio frequencies are popular choices, as is classical music – in particular, music by Bach, Mozart, and Verdi because they based their music on the natural vibration of A=432 Hz. Listening to frequencies, such as the solfeggio frequencies, is proven to balance and clear blocks in the chakras.

 Avoid negative people and stories 

All the previous examples are a great way how you can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones, but if your environment is full of negative vibrations and people, you will need a lot of time to do that. It is not so easy to turn something into positive if you are constantly bombarded with negative vibrations. You need to be persistent in doing so because you will start from a world full of negative thoughts. Usually, that world is created to form your best friends, family or your favorite tv shows and movies. So, if you think that it is too hard, it is totally okay. Even the most spiritual people have gone through it. Every man and woman on the planet has that personal challenge and opportunity for growth. I will share with you the basic rule. It will save you time, positive thoughts, and life. Don't try to change the opinions of other people. It's useless unless they ask that from you. Only that! Try to find as much as you can time for your self and work on your positive thoughts. After that, you will be a witness to the magic. You will become an excellent example of how someone can transform negative thoughts into positive ones. Then others will follow you, and this is the only way how you can help. So, first, change your thoughts, then your world will change together with your environment and the people around you.


Don't expect to get a whole new world overnight, but it will happen sooner than you think. So don't give up, and start now. Not today, now. You deserve the best life, so change your thoughts, and you will get what you deserve.

If you like the text, you can share it, and your environment will change even faster. Much love. Peace.

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