From time to time, I write a text with a complete guide of wisdom. I don't ask anything, just pulled with strong energy of the universe. Here, I will share those texts with you. Enjoy.

 The message 

First, you need to know that you are never alone. The whole army of invisible angels is here around you, ready to give you the support with the energy from the world, which fulfills all the desires. But, the final decision is yours. You are the one who decides how much and how you will live. Everything else is on us. It is hard. It's hard like a hard way you've crossed, but that’s past. The beauty of life is a path you will pass in the future, and you can create it yourself. You are the wizard! Use your power to bring the magic into your life. One spark, and it's enough, only one right thought. Everything else is on us. It's easy. Everything that you need to do is to relax and enjoy the vacation called the Earth.


While the beauty of the moment flows through your existence, and every detail becomes more important than the goal, the gate of the desires is wide opened. Close your eyes gently, and make a wish. Let it be something big, a lot. Soak your thoughts with your desires, and let it slide by the stream of pleasure into the depths of the universe. And the desires will become a reality.

 Why angels are important 

Imagine the earth without water. What do you think, how long will our environment stay green and fresh? In short, the earth cannot function without water. The water would still exist without plants, animals, and people, but the earth will not be enjoyable. It is the same with the angels. They are our water which gives us freshness. They are as transparent as water, but here, with us. We would not exist without them. They give us freshness and life. The life which is born from water, and as a result, each of us is an angel with a purpose to create a playground from the earth. Remember that.

 Now or Never 

When I feel peace in the air, I am infected by that magic. The effects of this blessing are dreams come true, life worth of living, and the warmth of my family and my people. In the dark, you will see the light with ease. In the fear, you will find love. Breathe it in, and let it be the power of the life you've always wanted. This is your moment. Don't let it go off the planet before you show off your beauty and gift.

 Lots of noise for nothing 

While I flow through wisdom and life, thoughts sometimes try to convince me that it's not enough, set up a new goal, and speeds me up. It is the same as you throwing rocks into the ocean, trying to speed up the wave—lots of noise for nothing.

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