How Vision Works, and Why it is so Important.

If you have a landscape in your material world, in your mind, you will find a vision. It's a landscape created by you in your environment.

Let me explain. It's like a mirror, but your reflection does not follow you. You will watch your reflection like a movie. You are the main actor, and you can create every single scene of that movie. And, this is the rule. You need to watch yourself with high and positive emotions. If the role doesn't fit it, change it. Here are the three steps of how you can do that and create a miracle from your life.

 First step: Watch yourself 

First, close your eyes and watch your reflection in a mirror, but in your best edition. Imagine yourself as a fit, confident, accomplished, and healthy person. Clothes on you will be whatever you want, and you are truly satisfied and happy. Imagine yourself living your dream life.

 Second step: Change your environment 

So, now create an environment for your character. The environment needs to be created from your achieved goals and full of love. Imagine your dream job, house, car, lifestyle, and your joyfulness in that world. Imagine every detail of the world. Think about the beautiful travels, creations that you created, with you at the center of that world. Happy, contented, and loved.

 Third step: People around you 

Surround yourself with the people whom you love, and whom you feel comfortable and have a friend in when you hug them and hang out with them. Try to do that as long as you can and feel the hight emotion all the time. This is the most important part because those high emotions will start to change your beliefs. Imagine every aspect of your life. And do that daily. Create a beautiful world from your vision, your place, just for you.

It can be hard, and it's hard. You will need to create yourself like a completely new character, but your beliefs are different. Right now, you probably don't see yourself like that. And your vision is a wonderful place to change. So, when you change your character, you will start to change your beliefs, and eventually yourself as well. After doing all this, your world will gradually start to look like your vision. In the end, your vision will match with your real life. And you will start to live your dreams! Please don't give up because you deserve it.

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