3 Hacks To Put Your Phone Addiction Into Good Use

We can often find ourselves scrolling on the phone. If you repeat that process more often, you are probably already addicted to it.


First, you need to be aware when you try to find something that you really need, or you don't know what you are looking for, but you want to have some fun and kill your time. It is perfectly fine if you want to relax and watch some cool content. But, does the content you are looking at bring you inner peace and real joy? Take for instance, some vlogs where you have nothing to learn and successes without inspirations, and you end up taking so much time on them. In the end, these things will bring you stress and not peace. If you are aware of that addiction, don't stop it, turn it in your favor. Next time when you get that desire to scrolling on the phone, search for things that will bring peace to you.As an example, create a list of spiritual teachers, or find an expert in a specific part of your life which you would want to improve. That will help you to grow, bring real peace into your life, your self-confidence will be bigger, and you will get the will to something good for yourself.

Here is a list of spiritual teachers who helped me to change my life. 


Are you checking your emails and messages all the time? Yes? Because you're usually expect something. That something is not often what you expect, and that is the problem. A huge amount of unfulfilled expectations causes stress. You will try to reduce the stress by refreshing your mail account, and the stress will even go to worse. Instead, you can use this hack. Do you hear about the low attraction? Great. It is an excellent opportunity to play with and use the energy of the addiction. In my case, its mails. Every minute I checked mails and expected good news and sales. Stress. So, I decided to take a screenshot of the sale when it happens, and do that whenever I GOT A POSITIVE MAIL. After that, I created an image collection of the best mails and faked my mails. It was a dream list of the new mails. Whenever I got a desire to check my mails, I go into that image instead of the mail app. Its mindblowing way to keep high vibrations, attract best results, and avoid stress— you can use this hack in any field of your life. So, don't wait for life; instead, create a life that you want.

 Third hack: SHARE LOVE 

If you love to go into profiles of friends or other people, this hack is for you. You are probably not aware of how much energy and time you will lose because of this. But, if you share a little love, it can be advantageous to you. Raise your vibration and do something good. If you do something good for others, that will stay with you as well. It's Karma. So, whenever you visit someone's profile, share good video through comments or messages. I don't think about compliments. It needs to be more than that. Needs to be direct from the heart, and that energy will be in your heart as well. Do that every time, and you will experience a huge transformation. Your life will be a miracle.

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