How Thoughts Create Reality

If you want to understand your thoughts, at first, you need to understand your body. Your body has a much broader function than you think. There is a process you are not even aware of, but your whole world is created from it.

In your head, you will find the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain. When you think about something, or get information, it's a conscious part of the brain, but if you often repeat the same thought, it will become your belief, and beliefs are inside your subconscious. So, with belief, you can transfer your thoughts from conscious to subconscious. The next important part of your body is your heart — the symbol of emotions. Those thoughts from your subconscious, go to your heart. Then the heart creates a vibration, depending on the thought. If you have positive beliefs, vibrations of the heart will be positive as well. It is the same with negative beliefs. Each emotion has its own vibration — happiness, sadness, a sense of guilt, and so on.

 Why are your vibrations so important? Because of everything. 

Karma is actually a vibration. If you have positive thoughts, you will create positive beliefs, and your vibration will be positive as well. When your vibrations are positive, you will attract positive things in your life. Your world will be amazing, and the people around you will be great. The rule is the same for negative thoughts as well. So, your thoughts and beliefs create a world around you. In the same room, two people can see the world totally differently if they have different beliefs. Everything that happens to you in life, is the result of your thoughts and beliefs. If you are not satisfied with your life and want more from it, you can change everything with one decision, to change your beliefs. Sometimes it takes time for it because your present world was created years ago. It's hard to turn everything by 180 degrees in one second, but if you just change the direction of your life, everything will be different soon. Your life will be more like you want, and less like you don't wish to, from the day today. So, how will you know your right direction? Listen to your emotions. Try to eliminate everything that creates an emotion of fear, angriness, and stress. Usually, the source of that negative emotions originate from the people around you, bad beliefs from your childhood and content from media platforms such as newspapers, horror movies, or any content which produces fear and stress. But you are the master of your soul and your life. You can choose what you will put into your head and heart. So, be around with love, inspirational content, and creativity. If you want to live love, watch lovely movies, or share the love with others. If you want to live peacefully, read books full of joy and peace. Look at your environment on why you want to live.

Now, you know the real purpose of your thoughts and beliefs; it's time to change your world. If you like the text, and you got something from it, share it with your friends, and your results have become even bigger. Peace.

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