7 Answers to Unstoppable Creativity

Everything is created twice. First, in our minds, then in the world around us. It's essential to learn how creativity works. Without it, you will be so far from yourself. Through these seven answers, you will learn more about creativity as well as yourself.

 Where does creativity come from? 

Creativity is everywhere. We are fish in the ocean of creativity. And if you ask where creativity comes from, it's the same as asking the fish where the ocean is. Maybe you don't see it, but you live in it. The whole world is created, and it means that you will find it everywhere. This text is part of my creativity, and if you read it on your phone or computer, that device is created by someone. So, instead of asking where creativity comes from, instead, ask yourself, “Do I allow the creativity in my world, and how can I use that energy to improve my life and life of people around me?” If you learn how to use it, you can be a wizard.

 How creativity works 

Creativity is nothing but the energy which creates. First, you are a creative being. So, I bet you have countless ideas in your head right now. In your mind, you already created that. The next step is so exciting. You can create that in the material world, and experience it in every possible way. But you will need the courage and desire to do it. Here, you will meet the inspiration. It's a spark that will kindle your desire. After that, you will need certain tools that will help to let the creative flow through your life. It can be some artistic skills or creative words, and movement can be creative as well. You can build something or make your favorite cookies. I can go with this list to infinity. Every moment is an opportunity for creativity.

 Can creativity be taught 

You don't need to learn creativity. You just need to learn tools for creative flow. Creativity is like the air around you. You don't need to learn the air, just breathe, and that's it. It is the same with creativity. Learn how to express your ideas and inspiration. Find out what is the language which you want to use for your expression. It can be drawing, dancing, singing, building, writing, you name it. Pick up something easy for you and hard for others. It is the first sign of your strength and purpose.

 Why creativity is important 

If you want to live a fulfilled life, you need to create. You are here to grow, guided by the wisdom of the universe. That knowledge and wisdom is nothing without actions, and your action needs to be a pure expression of creativity. It’s in black and white, day and night. It's a balance of life: creativity and wisdom. In that creative process, you will make mistakes for sure. Don't worry. It's part of the process. You will need a mistake in order to grow. You will learn from it, improve yourself, and your next creative movement will be even bigger and more productive with creativity. So, take your creative actions and use your mistakes just like a guide for your personal development.

 Can creativity be improved 

Creativity is just creativity. But you can improve your way of expressions. In that way, you will be a witness to bigger and bigger creativity over time. In my opinion, the best way to improve your creative flow is a personal challenge. I love challenges. For example, if I want to improve one part of my creativity, I create a challenge for it. Thirty days of drawing, thirty days of some creative action. And I have two rules. First, I try not to miss the day. Second, every day I need to add something new for me, something that I learned from the previous obstacle. You will be surprised with your rapid growth in that field. If you set up a challenge for each month, your life will be so creative. You can use 100 days of something if you want to go deep into it.

 What creativity is not 

Everything has a certain level of creativity, but some actions are so far from a pure and fresh creation. Usually, you will get a low level of creativity when you repeat something constantly and all the time. When you see that someone that you are copying someone or another artist or create something already seen many times, your value for that is much lower. Creativity loves to be expressed in endless ways. If you create something unique, you will get a big hug from life. You will get your originality if you create something more often. (Number of creations x Number of improvements) + Keep just what you like = Uniqueness

 Who killed creativity? 

You can't kill creativity. Only you can choose not to create. So, don't wait for the right moment. Just do it. Life gave you an endless source of creativity. You need to pull the next step. Take action and do what you love.


We are born to be creative. So, you don't have other options than to create. Life will support you if you support life. So, live it with your full potential and create something amazing today. If you like the text, you can check out my youtube channel and find out even more. Click here

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